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Path of Pleasure. Path of Possibility


ErosLife is a platform for sensual and sexual healing, learning, exploration and relationship coaching.


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Tues 23 Feb, 7 pm, R450

VisVita, 37 Dennington Ave, Winston Ridge, Johannesburg

Costumes optional

This experience takes place in an indoor heated pool. The warmth of the water creates a womb-like space of safety to deeply relax, connect, breathe and surrender. We talk first and explain what the event is about, do some breathing to get into the body and slowly get into the water. This is a touch experience, and you’re guided through the processes.
Some you do on your own, some with a partner and some in a group.

Here’s the link to book:



Tues 2 March, 7 pm, R450

Indie Yoga, 3 Quartz Rd, Witkoppen, Johannesburg

The principles of Tantra and Conscious Sexuality of presence, intimacy, sexual energy and spirituality make our self-pleasuring an endless journey of exploration, adventure and of course, deep, expanded pleasure.

This workshop is about you, your body, you heart, your sexual energy, your intimacy and connection with yourself. These practices allow you to go from goal-oriented masturbation to the deep expansion of pleasure and the direct experience of sexual energy.

On the workshop you’ll learn:

  • Heart Breath
  • The Power of Intention
  • Sensual Connection with Your Body
  • Tantric Expanded Orgasmic Energy
  • Fire Breath
  • And more…

Here’s the link to book:



Tues 9 March, 7 pm, R450

Sweet Tea and Chickadee, 3 Levubu Rd, Emmarentia, Johannesburg

This is a delicious venue for a delicious workshop. Their pies, tarts and desserts are mouth-watering.

And ideal place for us to explore the Erotic Spirit.

We’ll talk about what eroticism is, what sensuality is, the difference between porn and eroticism. We’ll talk about fantasy, we’ll talk about what may be forbidden and taboo, why those are often so exciting and what they have to offer us.

We’ll talk about how to live a more erotic life, what that means and the Tantric expression of the erotic.

Then you’ll explore, in a gentle way, your inner erotic world in a process of self-discovery and expression.

We’ll drink coffee, tea, whatever, eat the delicious cakes and things, laugh, learn, connect and be sensual and alive.

Here’s the link to book:


Booking is essential for all the workshops, places are limited.



Jonti Searll is a Conscious Sexuality Practitioner and Tantra Teacher based in South Africa.
For 20 years Jonti has been helping with sexual blockages, pain, inhibition and limitation.

The approach Jonti has developed is about connecting with our essence nature, our true self. This brings us into presence with ourselves to allow for healing, release, growth and expansion.

This is a journey into the body, into the heart, into spirit.

The ancient principles of Tantra, the body practices of Conscious Sexual Energy come together to create a path for you to explore and experience so much of yourself, in pleasure, in love, in relationship and in life.

Jonti offers one-on-one healing and growth journeys, as well as working with couples.

He is available online and in person.

Jonti facilitates a range of workshops, retreats, webinars and events.

The workshops he teaches include Tantric Expanded Energy, Orgasm, Water Flow Massage, Tantric Massage, Lingam Massage, Yoni Massage, Water Flow Massage, The Garden of Oral Delights, Self Pleasuring the Tantric Way, Sensual Bondage Massage, Awakening the Erotic Spirit, Tantric Sensuality and Intimacy, Aqua Release.

Jonti has produced the Eroslife DVD's and audio book, Let's Talk About Sex.

He presented SexTalk on for 5 years.

Please visit the website and contact Jonti at

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