Insurance Survey – Feb 2021

Survey Results - Individuals

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Questionnaire 1:

What is your biggest concern when it comes to life changing incidents:

a. That should you pass away, you leave your partner and possibly your child/children or family in financial distress.

b. That you currently need affordable healthcare to maintain and improve your health

c. That you simply won’t be able to retire, because of the need to save more

d. That when you die, you leave your partner with the costs of your funeral

a. 25%
b. 30%
c. 25%
d. 20%

As a matter of priority, where “a” is the most important, and “h” is the least important, please list the following insurance services that you would be interested in:

a.      Funeral Cover

b.      Accidental Death Cover

c.      Health cover

d.      Motor and Household Insurance

e.      Life, Disability, or Dread Disease Cover

f.       A retirement savings plan.

g.      Current savings that you have in the banking system that could be invested for better returns

h.      Other
 i.     If other, please comment below so we can consider your feedback

a. 10%
b. 20%
c. 25%
d. 20%
e, 15%
f. 10%

Survey Results - Business

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Business / Entrepreneurs