Jack The Lad


Now fully redesigned for your favourite digital device, Jack The Lad is a fresh and exciting new Gay and Bisexual Men’s publication offering beautiful photography and intelligent interviews. Produced 4 times a year in London, the magazine stylishly showcases some of the hottest new talent from both sides of the camera, seen here sharing new work and untold stories for the very first time. Focusing firmly on “quality” rather than the “commercial’, Jack The Lad presents the bigger picture in the form of our gay interest exclusives, finding those unique individuals that make up the face of a rich and diverse community. From musicians to sportsmen, from actors to activists… and of course photographers, artists and models… all incredibly talented, and all of them Jack The Lad’s. You’ll be sure to want to collect and enjoy!

Since 1994, the attitude team bring you all the latest news and stories that matter from LGBT+ communities across the world. Oh, and not to forget, a dashing selection of smoking hot men every month!


Jack The Lad Summer / Autumn 2021
Jack The Lad Winter / Spring 2021