Masturbation Month: Why Men and Woman Should Self-Love

May is International Masturbation Month and Q PLUS wants to make sure that you understand why it’s important to show yourself some love. In addition to feeling great, self-pleasuring has numerous mental and physical health benefits. Furthermore, it can enhance your sex life by helping you learn what triggers the most intense orgasms for you.

Masturbation Month for Men
Men that masturbate often tend to know their bodies better. They know the exact spots that get them off, which can be extremely beneficial in timing orgasms and prolonging sex. The old trick of “thinking about baseball” can work, but it’s nothing compared to making sure your most sensitive spots aren’t being overly stimulated during sex.

Additionally, masturbating can help you teach your partner how to get you off best. Finding and pinpointing the erogenous zones that set you off is invaluable to a healthy sex life. Showing them to your partner and teaching them how to melt you will lead to a mind-blowing orgasm.

There are several health benefits to masturbating too. According to multiple studies, men that ejaculate at least 21 times per month have a lower risk of prostate cancer. Frequent orgasms have also been linked to lower stress, better sleep, lower instances of erectile dysfunction, and improved mental health. So gentlemen, use Masturbation Month to enhance your sexual pleasure and improve your health!

Masturbation Month for Women
Masturbation can be integral to a woman’s sexual health. While getting most men to climax is fairly straightforward, it can be much more challenging to get a woman to climax. For some women, clitoral stimulation is the key to achieving orgasm, while others orgasm vaginally. Getting to know your body’s trigger points through masturbation can be lots of fun, while providing vital information.

Furthermore, masturbating is important for discovering new types of pleasure. For example, female ejaculation or squirting is something that many women are capable of, but aren’t aware of it. Even scientists can’t agree on what percentage of women squirt and how the reaction is triggered. The only way to know for sure is through sexual exploration. Whether you get to the destination of female ejaculation or not, the journey should definitely be fun.

Since women can be more sexually complex than men, FunLove has a wide variety of sex toys to make the most out of Masturbation Month. Whether you’re looking for bullets, dildos, rabbits, vibrators, or wands, our curated collection of female sex toys will surely bring you incredible sensations. Maybe it’s a good idea to try something new during Masturbation Month. With any luck, you’ll discover a whole new form of pleasure.

Lastly, women also enjoy the same mental and physical health benefits of masturbation that men do. Masturbating can help women lower blood pressure, get better sleep, lower stress, boost sex drive, and more.


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