Pure For Men

Pure For Men fiber supplements were not originally intended for distribution, but rather as an attempt to attain no-mess sex lives for ourselves. In college, when we were all entering our personal sexual revolutions as gay men, cleanliness was an obvious problem that nobody seemed to be addresssing.

There was no true explanation or guidance to attain intimate cleanliness. The only major solutions were douching and enemas, but we were unwilling to settle for options that can be destructive to our bodies. After some more digging, we latched on to the concept of using fiber supplements to achieve a cleaner colon and track for intimacy.

Pure for Men really is a family. Most of us started out as college friends and colleagues in other lines of business. Looking around the office who you love and trust and who’s work ethic you respect makes doing the work we do an even more uplifting and fulfilling process. We trust our team members to uphold our white glove customer service guarantee, and they trust us to continue to provide gainful employment that allows for a healthy work-life balance.

We are as much a sexual wellness brand as we are an honest effort at doing right by our customers and by our team members. We believe in supporting our community and dedicate a good amount of our proceeds to local and national charities that support the LGBTQ+ community. At Pure for Men, we’re so much more than our growing reputation as one of the foremost leaders in digestive health, we’re tackling overall health and sexual wellness for our community and beyond.

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